Stephen Ford

Chief Executive Officer at RJTIO | Board of Directors Member, Former Director of Business Development at RJTIO

Stephen has been with RJTIO since 2013, starting out as a Senior Business Development Manager after migrating from a multi-million dollar magazine in Brazil. After his short term as interim-CEO, Stephen became CEO of RJTIO in June of 2016, where he now drives corporate strategy while providing a unique business perspective to the Board from his time founding and growing several start ups in Brazil, as well as with his diverse business experience. 

Fun Fact: He is known for working at two desks at the same time, follow the trail of candy corn to find him!

Koop Sel

Chief Financial Officer at RJTIO | Forever Trust Charity, Division President

Koop has been with RJTIO and Forever Trust Charity since 2011, having been brought in as CFO of the non-profit divison of RJTIO. Originally from the Germany, Koop splits his time between the publishing house he founded, the German beer his family has crafted for generations, and driving the finacial maps for Forever Trust Charity and it's 58+ alliance members. Operating out of the London office and Athens outpost, he is our in-house cold brew coffee maker, so if you need a jolt of caffeine, he’s your guy, except on Friday, where he brings in his family's legendary craft! 

Fun Fact: Koop graduated university at the age of 19, after finishing secondary school in record time.

Amaya Nakamura

Chief People Officer at RJTIO | Previously Senior Human Relations Director of the London Office

Amaya is the chief people officer of RJTIO and it's divisions and leads the company’s vision, strategy, and programs around its people and the culture we have cultivated. In 2014, she worked together with the CEO to invent the company's internal social network, which increased productivity and collective efficiency. Originally from Japan, she’s passionate about leveraging technology to revolutionize the way people connect and inspire each other. Amaya also loves traveling, skiing, and philosophical conversations.

Fun Fact: Amaya is a big fan of Studio Ghibli films. 

Christopher King

Chief Technology Officer at RJTIO | RJTINC Web Design Group, Division President

Christopher has been with RJTINC since before the parent company, RJTIO, was founded. Working as CTO for a slowly drowning startup in Washington D.C., Christopher began as an investor at RJTINC in 2010, until the company expanded in 2011 and he filled the role call as CTO. Christopher is passionate about programming and technology - and loves applying the two to solve real world problems through his work at RJTIO. He loves to watch movies and collect art. 

Fun Fact: He's a die-hard D.C. United Fan!

Jessica Magoro

Chief Product Officer at RJTIO | Previously, BurstOut Network Division President

Jessica began her tenure at RJTIO during the founding of the original BurstOut division, subtitled the "BurstOut Network". Working until it's sale in Q1 of 2016 as head of the division, Jessica moved on as BurstOut became BurstOut Magazine. Currently, as CPO of RJTIO, she is responsible for leading the strategic vision and delivery execution of the full suite of RJTIO services. Jessica originally hails from South Africa, but briefly lived in the US while obtaining her graduate degree in Boston. She enjoys all things product-related, especially learning about the future of banking, technology, and music channels! In her spare time, she loves to attend concerts, rock out, and travel.

Fun Fact: She spends half her weekends jamming away on the drums & the other half sleeping.

Aaron West

Chief Creative Officer at RJTIO |BurstOut Magazine, Division President

A relatively newer member to the team, Aaron operates as the Chief Creative Officer of RJTIO, and President of it's division BurstOut, while directly overseeing BurstOut Magazine out of London. His role includes the management, motivation, support and direction of the editorial team, liaising with external authors and contributors, as well as briefing and directing the in-house design and sub-editing team, ensuring everyone works together as a cohesive and efficient unit able to deliver to strict deadlines, and ultimately create a strong high quality product. Originally from Luton, England, Aaron attended Queen Mary University of London, majoring in Physics while working at the University Magazine. 

Fun Fact: Aaron is a fan of age old, timeless movies, especially ones from the first half of the 20th century.

Shawn Manner

Chief Strategy Officer | EPIC (Previously RL Infinity Int.), Division President

Working as a Business Development Consultant before the re-branding of RL Infinity International, Shawn moved on from RJTIO before returning as a Senior Business Development Consultant. As Chief Strategy Officer of RJTIO, Shawn focuses on strategy development, resource allocation, and strategy execution, working together with both the CEO and Board of Directors. As President of RJTIO business consulting division EPIC, Shawn manages EPIC's employees, overseeing the consulting of clients with end-to-end solutions, business and marketing development, and more. He loves learning about all kinds of startups, often investing in the few that truly catch his eye.

Fun Fact: While backpacking in France after college, he ran out of money, having to take a job managing a LGBTQ career center before getting back on his feet.

Trena Baptiste

Legal Counsel at RJTIO | Former Executive Assistant at RJTINC, Associate Legal Counsel RJTIO

Having been with RJTINC since it's founding, Trena joined the team as a remote part-time assistant while finishing her undergraduate degree in London. Moving into the Executive Assistant role at RJTIO while in Law School, she managed each of RJTIO's divisional administrative assistants. Trena now practices Law in Greece, while working as a Legal Advisor to RJTIO. She spends a lot of time reading about startups and the history of business law. 

Fun Fact: To fund her education, she modeled, small time, for 4 years.