Board of Directors


R.J. Tolson

Chairman at RJTIO | Founder & Former Chief Executive Officer, RJTIO.

A marketing innovation ninja and developer, he is a master of creativity, problem solving, strategies, structure, people development and culture, with an obsession for inventing. Previously, as CEO, he was responsible for driving overall brand strategy and performance of the business in the U.S. and internationally. He has held various roles with the Company including Chief Marketing Officer where he spearheaded the development of a large non-profit partnership, market expansion, brand recognition, and service drive with new product introductions that generated strong sales and profit growth for five consecutive years. He is deeply involved with helping steer the company to success. Also a bestselling author, RJ often spends his rare, but well-deserved free time writing new novels. RJ is a big fan of pets and an FC Barcelona supporter. He loves his books, books, beer and bacon.


Stephen Ford

Chief Executive Officer at RJTIO | Former Chief Operating Officer, RJTIO & Director at Magazine Luiza.

Stephen has been with RJTIO since 2013, starting out as a Senior Business Development Manager after migrating from a multi-million dollar magazine in Brazil. After his short term as interim-CEO, Stephen became CEO of RJTIO in June of 2016, where he now drives corporate strategy while providing a unique business perspective to the Board from his time founding and growing several start ups in Brazil, as well as with his diverse business experience. He is known for working at two desks at the same time, follow the trail of candy corn to find him!


Avani Davda

Board Member at RJTIO | Managing Director at Godrej.

Avani is a driving force on the RJTIO board of directors. Having been Managing Director at Godrej since 2007, Avani has a great pool of international business experience that aids RJTIO in expanding across a variety of countries and industries. In her free time you can find her in the kitchen, crafting up new recipes inspired by life in south east asia.


William L. Woods

Board Member at RJTIO | Advisor to the Chairman, Former U.S. PT and Investor

William has provided wisdom, direction, and successful strategies in the U.S. market for RJTIO by advising the Chief Marketing Officer before the induction of the Board of Directors, while currently maintaining this role as a Board member. A retired, but successful Physical Therapist and business investor for over 40 years, William spends his time following Investors Business Daily. He hosts and funds many educational scholarships, and while having previously been on the board of the NAACP.


Augustus Martin

Board Member at RJTIO | Former Chief Executive Officer, LP Italia 

Augustus is the former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of LP Italia, based out of Roma, having served as such between 1978-1992. The resident metalhead and usability enthusiast. A minimalist at heart, Augustus revels in trimming ideas to their bare minimum. He loves discovering new products, and even while in his 70's, he likes to bike as much as he can, especially during the winter in Sweden.