New Website & First Update

New Website & First Update

Welcome to the New 2016 Website!

RJTIO & Updates

Due to the request of an official website for multi-divisional parent company RJTIO LLC, we are excited to introduce the new official website with the announcement of a variety of company wide updates. 
To why are we using a division subdomain: To promote and support our new division, BurstOut. This division is to be the largest yet, in terms of online presence. BurstOut one half of  the division will be host to the exciting new Literary-oriented social networking service titled the "BurstOut Network", while the second half will provide an innovative list of services streamlined toward the literary community, but will expand to encompass clients that find a need / want for the services.
Current on going updates: 
  • All Updated Divisional Logos
  • Website Updates (Features, Design)
  • Hiring
  • Social Integration 
  • and more!
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Author & Editor

R.J. Tolson is the CEO and Founder of RJTIO. RJTIO, LLC, based in Los Angeles, California, is a rapidly growing parent company with over 4 divisions that extend into over 14 countries worldwide...